The following words were written during Basileia(an Ancient Greek word meaning royal palace, or in Christian context, the Kingdom of God), an event organized by AAIV(Asian American Intervarsity), where I made many great friends.

We human are unworthy and commit sins all the time. Therefore, we repent, which means turn away, and ask for grace and forgiveness from god. Once we ask, god will give, and for those who have strong belief, god will give more. With receiving god’s grace, we know what to do for our best and share the glory of god with other people. In this way, we are worthy of living. Let us turn to the trustworthy, proactive and generous god!

We should always focus on the virtues of god and learn from them instead of focusing on our values. Focusing on our own self would not result in any good for anybody but would only cause pride or diffidence. Pride will trigger false satisfaction and diffidence will generate isolation and further degeneration. In-between these two there is confidence, that is indispensable for being an active, worthy and helpful human. Believe in the almighty god and be confident, my friend!

Ask for peace and you will get peace. Ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven. Ask for love? You don’t need to ask for it because since the very moment of creation god loves all living creatures. God loves you despite anything. If god can love, forgive and lay peace upon you, why can’t you love god, your own brothers and sisters, your neighbor and your enemies as yourself?

I Will come back to the topic of religion once I start reading the Bible again(maybe a long while from now…)

Created on Jul 2, 2015 | Updated on Feb 22, 2019