When Perceptron was Invented

When I was learning about perceptron in the ML class, the first machine learning algorithm, invented by Frank Rosenblatt, I found about how the people at the time thought of it. The part about perceptron started from bottom right corner of first image, the section called Rival.

Here is the part I loved the most, at the end of the section Rival:

What, we asked, wasn't the perceptron capable of? Dr. Rosenblatt threw up his hands, "Love," he said. "Hope. Despair. Human nature, in short. If we don't understand the human sex drive, why should we expect a machine to?"

It sounded quite funny to me at first, since perceptron is such a simple algorithm just to draw a line between the positve and the negative, and there are a million things that it could NOT do, such as image recognition ability mentioned in the article. Later, however, I realized that the war on whether A.I. is able to understand human emotions is still ongoing and may not be over in a while.

I will come back and finish the rest.

Hints: Matrix, Hal 900, AI ai.

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Created on Feb 11, 2019